4 Ways to Reduce IT Related Costs in Your Company

Reduce It Costs

Table of Contents1 Switch Utility Companies2 Cut Personnel Costs3 Don’t Overdo Software Maintenance4 Go Open Source IT is one of the most central components for many companies, and one that can end up taking a large part of their budget. It’s also an area where it’s difficult to tell how much you actually need to […]

3 Reasons Why Organic Traffic Needs to Be Your Priority Right Now

3 Reasons Why Organic Traffic Needs To Be Your Priority Right Now

Table of Contents1 1. You’re in Control2 2. It Brings Quality Traffic3 3. Organic Traffic Is Evergreen4 What Is Organic Traffic, Answered Don’t believe what you read, SEO is not dead. Instead, it’s thriving. With the rise of Google’s mobile-first movement, organic traffic is more relevant than ever. If you haven’t given much thought to it […]

9 Effective Video Marketing Tips for Small Businesses

9 Effective Video Marketing Tips For Small Businesses

Table of Contents1 Start with Great Content2 Use Stories to Spark Emotion3 Be Positive4 Make Your Videos Sticky5 Use Visuals to Market Your Videos6 Include Soundtracks to Your Videos7 Emphasize on Resonance8 Embrace Keywords9 Include a Description10 Check Video Marketing Efforts of Your Competitors With tons of videos available online, viewers are spoilt for choice […]

Vital Components For Successful Business Website Design

Business Website Design

Table of Contents1 Home Page Info2 About Page3 Knowledge Center4 Videos & Photos5 Pricing As a business owner, even a small business you should recognize the power of the online connection. Over 75% of consumers say that they will most often begin their search for products and services online rather than any other traditional method. […]

Why Local Citation Building Is Important For Your Business (and SEO)

Building Local Citations

Table of Contents1 What is Local Citation Building?2 What is the Goal of Building Local Citations?3 What are the Advantages of Local Citations? Have you heard of this digital marketing technique called ‘Local Citation Building’? You probably have if you are in the world of Search Engine Optimization. What is Local Citation Building? For starters, […]

7 Ways to Get More Instagram Followers Quickly

Increase Instagram Followers

Table of Contents1 1) Tell everyone you meet2 2) Post better photos3 3) Enter contests4 4) Follow more people5 5) Buy more followers6 6) Sign up additional accounts7 7) Make sure you send invites to everyone you know on other networks These days, a lot of people measure their popularity or success in life by […]

Launching Your New Site: SEO Checklist

Website Seo Checklist

Table of Contents1 Domain & Hosting2 SEO Friendly Theme3 Keyword Search4 Optimize Building the perfect website for your business, product or blog can take some planning and effort to get things off the ground. Before you go online you want to design attractive landing pages with quality content that will keep users coming back. You […]

6 Proven Ways To Win At Technical SEO

Seo Tactics Still Work

Table of Contents1 1. Get A Sitemap Installed1.1 How To Submit A Sitemap2 2. Implement A Proper Linking Structure2.1 Internal Link Siloing3 3. Use Your Tags4 4. Permalinks5 5. Look At How The Spiders Crawl Your Site5.1 Server Errors5.2 404 Errors5.3 Robots.txt6 6. Get Your Site Secure7 7. Install Only The Necessary And Trusted Plugins7.1 […]