Paid Search & PPC Management (SEM)

Paid Search Performance Beyond the Click

Setting up a Google Adwords or Bing Search Marketing is the easy part.

Optimizing your search marketing dollars for maximum conversion is the hard part.

Our PPC strategists manage PPC campaigns with a keen eye for bid management, optimizing click-thru rates and ultimately increasing conversions leading to better results for our clients year after year.

Fuze PPC Services

Below are some of the capabilities included in a PPC engagement with Fuze.

Search Advertising

Fuze thrives at positioning ads for each client’s most important keywords at the lowest possible price across Adwords, Bing and Yahoo. The end result is maximum ad visibility at a cost per acquisition you can smile about.

Display Advertising

We focus on determining your end-goals first. We then target audiences, rather than websites, with banner and text ads.

Remarketing Services

We strategically create audience segments from your site’s visitors. Ads are then created to cater towards where these audiences are in the customer journey.

We Believe PPC Shouldn’t be Siloed

At Fuze, we manage Pay Per Click Advertising holistically in order to generate the greatest return.

Our position is that while individual tactics are important, historical and competitive data across channels can provide deep insights that improve performance.

We use this data to research the highest value keywords and write compelling ad copy to bring highly-qualified visitors to your website.

Michele Linhardt

In the big world of search, we have found someone who is involved in understanding our business, guiding us to improve our performance and always mindful of our budget.  Fuze SEO has given us very valuable insight into how to approach things while improving our ability to measure the changes and trends within search.

Michele Linhardt

Looking for Exceptional Results?

We can help your Paid Search marketing move in the right direction.