Has AI Changed SEO for Better or Worse?

Chat Gpt Seo

Table of Contents Google first turned to artificial intelligence and machine learning to power its search engine algorithm back in 2016. With ChatGPT‘s launch in late 2022, however, artificial intelligence truly became mainstream and significantly impacted the SEO industry. While some believe these changes have been for the better, others have argued that they have made things […]

Internal Linking for Ecommerce: The Ultimate Guide

Internal Linking

Table of Contents Internal linking is a crucial aspect of any website, but it is especially important for ecommerce websites. Internal linking helps improve the navigation and user experience for your website visitors and can also help improve your website’s search engine optimization (SEO). This article will discuss the best practices for internally linking pages […]

5 International SEO Tips That Don’t Include hreflang

Internatational Seo

Table of Contents International optimization is arguably the most advanced form of SEO, given its complexities, nuances and variation of application.  The fundamental practices of SEO are meant to address: Technical issues to increase site crawlability. Content optimization to improve keyword usage. Acquire quality links from external sites to accumulate site equity.  Most of these […]

How to Do a Schema Markup Audit

Schema Markup Audit

Table of Contents A full schema audit aims to ensure that your website has the most comprehensive schema types and corresponding attributes in place for your niche. Schema markup is a vital tool for search engine optimization. Structured data: Makes it easier for search engines to understand your content and index it properly. Can improve […]

Securing Your Service Business Using Technology

Secure Business Service

Table of Contents If you are aiming to run a successful and dependable servicing business, it goes beyond simply the work you provide and the good customer service you offer. In choosing to use a service business, customers need to be certain that your business processes are secure. One key way to secure your business, […]

Four Reasons Your Website Needs to be a Business Priority

Business Priority

Table of Contents In the digital age, consumers expect businesses to have an online presence and facilitate online purchases. Regardless of your business size or industry, a company website will help you achieve growth and business success by enhancing brand awareness, improving conversion rates, and increasing sales and revenue potential. If you’re still not convinced, […]