Securing Your Service Business Using Technology

October 9, 2020

Table of Contents

If you are aiming to run a successful and dependable servicing business, it goes beyond simply the work you provide and the good customer service you offer. In choosing to use a service business, customers need to be certain that your business processes are secure.

One key way to secure your business, in all ways, is to utilize everything technology has in that regard. Whether it is online security, software, or password protection, technology and the online world is there to help you secure your servicing business for maximum safeguarding.

Why is it Important to Secure Your Business?

A servicing business means a high volume of information processed daily. Not only is it important to secure this information for backup sake, but it is also important to protect and secure all information relating to costs, jobs, and schedules so that your working system can always be protected.
Failing to secure your business means opening it up to the risk of losing information, having sensitive information viewed by the wrong people, or simply making errors when it comes to scheduling and maintenance work, which can easily snowball to hinder your business greatly.

How to Secure Your Service Business Using Technology

1. Implement Regular Backups

Within a servicing business, you are going to have an abundant amount of information. Crucial servicing information will include costs, repair logs, maintenance schedules, and more, which means it’s essential to secure all this information with regular backups. When it comes to servicing history and customer information, you never want to risk losing it all. Not only can it hinder your schedule and your business, but it will also hinder your reputation if a customer learns that you have lost all information relating to their servicing work.

Use technology to introduce a regular backup system in a way that works best for you. Using the cloud for backup is an easy and efficient way to keep all data and information protected without worrying about using physical hardware to backup.

Of course, how you choose to backup is up to you. If physical hardware works best for you, then ensure that it is implemented. If you would rather use the cloud alongside another backup method, then that is always possible, too.

However, you choose to backup, make sure it is done regularly, and never neglected.

2. Impose Authorization Requirements

Within servicing work, there are going to be certain levels of authorization that need to be imposed. This may be simply who has permission to access certain information or a designated employee who needs to check task status before being able to approve any maintenance or repair work.

Technology is the best way to impose authorization regulations if employees are working from a system. You can implement password protection or use notes and details to inform workers regarding who can give permission for certain tasks.

3. Use Secure Software to Work From

Having a software system, you can depend on to keep track of maintenance tasks and all information is extremely beneficial within a servicing environment, and using a secure and easy system means easier access to all information and increased productivity. Working from one system also allows employees to manage all information in one place, and then secure the system appropriately. Using work order software empowers your business to do just that.

Enable Electronic Copies of Key Information

Having an electronic copy of vital documentation, such as contact information, approval information, invoicing, or customer signatures, is key for securing vital information. Even if you favor physical printing, always having an electronic backup is highly encouraged to ensure that no information is lost, or that you are not depending on keeping one physical copy should something happen to it.

When doing this, it’s important to have a simple structure for employees to understand how to store and keep electronic copies of all information on the go; therefore, a remote filing system is going to be essential for improved organization.

Protect Your Customer and Servicing Data

All the information you store electronically is going to need to be protected, not only against loss, as discussed, but also against external threats such as viruses or hackers. Using technology, you should implement the best anti-virus and protective software to ensure that all information is protected at all times. This doesn’t just mean your servicing information log, but your customers’ personal data, too.

Strengthen your technology’s security in as many ways as possible to make sure you are always protected.