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Internal Linking for Ecommerce: The Ultimate Guide

Internal Linking

Internal linking is a crucial aspect of any website, but it is especially important for ecommerce websites. Internal linking helps improve the navigation and user experience for your website visitors and can also help improve your website’s search engine optimization (SEO). This article will discuss the best practices for internally linking pages on ecommerce websites. […]

5 International SEO Tips That Don’t Include hreflang

Internatational Seo

International optimization is arguably the most advanced form of SEO, given its complexities, nuances and variation of application.  The fundamental practices of SEO are meant to address: Technical issues to increase site crawlability. Content optimization to improve keyword usage. Acquire quality links from external sites to accumulate site equity.  Most of these practices still apply […]

How to Do a Schema Markup Audit

Schema Markup Audit

A full schema audit aims to ensure that your website has the most comprehensive schema types and corresponding attributes in place for your niche. Schema markup is a vital tool for search engine optimization. Structured data: Makes it easier for search engines to understand your content and index it properly. Can improve the appearance of […]

Search Engine Optimization Tips To Help You Increase Your Website Rankings

Seo Search Engine Optimization

One of the major goals of search engine optimization (SEO) is to increase a website’s ranking through various techniques, such as proper keyword and link placements, acceptable by Google and other search engines. Whether you have a personal or business website, it’s crucial to be visible on the top of search results or the first […]

Do You Need to Boost Your Sales? Try SEO and Content Marketing!

Boost Sales

Businesses fall and rise every day. But on which list are you? On the success list? Or are you experiencing a downfall? A business starts failing when they have reduced sales, inconsistency in the number of customers, and when they’re not able to meet the market’s demands. If that’s happening to you, you need to […]

3 Reasons Why Organic Traffic Needs to Be Your Priority Right Now

3 Reasons Why Organic Traffic Needs To Be Your Priority Right Now

Don’t believe what you read, SEO is not dead. Instead, it’s thriving. With the rise of Google’s mobile-first movement, organic traffic is more relevant than ever. If you haven’t given much thought to it before, now’s the time. What is organic traffic, you ask? To put it simply, it’s traffic that’s earned, not paid for. To […]

9 Effective Video Marketing Tips for Small Businesses

9 Effective Video Marketing Tips For Small Businesses

With tons of videos available online, viewers are spoilt for choice and will only watch videos they find exciting. Video marketing is the use of videos that you record and post for the purpose of achieving your business goals. Brands all over are embracing video marketing as an effective means of reaching customers and expanding your audience. […]

Why Local Citation Building Is Important For Your Business (and SEO)

Building Local Citations

Have you heard of this digital marketing technique called ‘Local Citation Building’? You probably have if you are in the world of Search Engine Optimization. What is Local Citation Building? For starters, local citation building is a marketing strategy used by businesses in order to have their services or products listed and their information stored […]

Launching Your New Site: SEO Checklist

Website Seo Checklist

Building the perfect website for your business, product or blog can take some planning and effort to get things off the ground. Before you go online you want to design attractive landing pages with quality content that will keep users coming back. You don’t want to get lost in the endless web so you need […]

6 Proven Ways To Win At Technical SEO

Seo Tactics Still Work

There are three parts to SEO, on-page SEO, off-page SEO and technical SEO. Technical SEO involves all the things you’d do to make sure the search engines can crawl and index your site. There are lots of things to do to win on the technical side of things and here are some of them: 1. […]