9 Effective Video Marketing Tips for Small Businesses

July 10, 2019

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With tons of videos available online, viewers are spoilt for choice and will only watch videos they find exciting. Video marketing is the use of videos that you record and post for the purpose of achieving your business goals.

Brands all over are embracing video marketing as an effective means of reaching customers and expanding your audience. Digital marketing goes beyond YouTube and Google but includes all social media like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram. Boost your video marketing strategies with these helpful tips:

Start with Great Content

The average human attention span is as low as 3 seconds. Make a great first impression by starting your video with a great introduction that immediately hooks your viewer so they can keep watching. Viewers hardly settle for poor content so get creative to gain views.

Use Stories to Spark Emotion

Concentrate on the story and not sales. Use previous experience to tell your story and marry it with the content. Powerful stories evoke empathy since viewers can relate if they actually experienced the events in the stories. This video guide has great tips on how you can spark emotion to create sales in video marketing.

Be Positive

Consider kindling warm feelings rather than fear, anger, or disgust for your videos to relate better with your viewers. Make them exciting, hopeful and create a happy mood. If your video can evoke these emotions, it will attract a ton of views and generate a lot of engagement.

Make Your Videos Sticky

The videos should be simple to understand. They should be unique in content and avoid clichés. They should be also concrete and credible with the content being supported by evidence.

They should evoke emotions that relatable thus creating a lasting impression on the memory of the viewer. Ensure that your videos evoke a story that people can relate to.

Use Visuals to Market Your Videos

Complement your video’s narration with dynamic graphics, footage of real people and subtitles for people who are in public places and can’t listen to the audio of the video or for people with hearing complications. Visuals create memorability and interest so your viewers will keep watching to find out more thus visuals are an effective video marketing strategy.

Include Soundtracks to Your Videos

Music is food to the soul and evokes specific emotions and feelings. Pair your videos with appropriate soundtracks to grab your audience’s attention through good sound and music. It makes your videos much more captivating, impactful and convincing.

Emphasize on Resonance

If people can relate with the emotion in your video they will watch it till the end, subscribe and even share. Optimize your videos for humans first before using complex algorithms.

Embrace Keywords

Include your main keyword in your title and keep it short. Check for search suggestions in Google and YouTube. Since they are frequently looked up, they will guide you in search engine optimization.

Use the search results to come up with keywords to use in your title and videos. Avoid overuse of keywords but ensure they tell a story.

Include a Description

A description prepares viewers for the content of your video. Use exciting descriptions for digital marketing efficiency.

Check Video Marketing Efforts of Your Competitors

Competitors in your business niche will give you great video marketing tips. Consider what makes their videos interesting and use them effectively to market your videos. Visit our blog for more handy tips on online search engine optimization for your business