4 Ways to Reduce IT Related Costs in Your Company

August 26, 2019

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IT is one of the most central components for many companies, and one that can end up taking a large part of their budget. It’s also an area where it’s difficult to tell how much you actually need to pay and how much of your resources you’ll need to allocate in order to stay safe. However, many businesses today simply pay way too much money in IT costs – money that could be used on better functions like SEO and marketing. Here are a few ways that you can reduce your IT and IT related costs.

Switch Utility Companies

If you operate a lot of hardware, you already know how much energy you’re using every month. However, there are ways you can get these costs down either by trying to strike a deal with your current utility company or by making the switch. You shouldn’t be afraid to leave and look for cheaper electricity somewhere else. You could use an electricity comparison site to find business electricity quotes and compare between different utility providers at once. You’ll be able to get a few quotes in minutes and see if making the switch is worth it.

Cut Personnel Costs

Keeping personnel costs under control is tricky for many organizations. You always want to have enough staff on hand to deal with busy periods. But what this also means is that you could end up with too much staff during down periods.

One of the solutions would be to turn to contract work. Contract staffing is not only a great way to save money and not pay IT employees to do nothing when there isn’t much work but will save you time as well. Work with a great technical staffing agency every time you have an important project or spike in activity and let them go when it’s done.

Don’t Overdo Software Maintenance

While it’s important to keep important software up to date, you don’t necessarily have to spend to constantly update every single piece of software your company uses. Paying to have your software upgraded can end up costing you much more than what you had to pay for the software in the first place. Instead, only update software that could compromise your security if it wasn’t updated.

Go Open Source

Going for open source software is another way that you could cut on IT costs. Licensing costs for companies can be incredibly high, and there are tons of open-source alternatives out there that you could go for instead. And you won’t have to pay for new updated versions of the software. Making the switch to open source could save your company up to 3%. This might seem small at first glance, but it can easily add up when you start using other strategies.

IT is one of these areas where you can’t really afford to neglect anything. However, by making these few adjustments, you should be able to reduce your overall IT costs without compromising your business’s security.