Why It’s Still Good To Have A Digital Marketing Strategy

January 10, 2020

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Digital marketing is a valuable tool for businesses because search engines and the best social media analytics tools can help you reach your target audience no matter where they are in the world. Most consumers can be found online. If you have a solid digital marketing strategy, you’ll be sure to rake in the profits.

You can find a wide range of digital marketing strategies when you search for tips online. However, you have to understand first why you need to employ these tactics and the benefits that they bring to your company so that you can utilize them effectively.

Here are a few reasons why it’s still good for businesses to have a digital marketing strategy:

1. Cost-Effectiveness

The primary advantage that digital marketing provides for your business over traditional advertising methods is that it’s more budget-friendly. Search engine optimization (SEO), for instance, helps you boost your organic traffic – the number of visitors that land on your site through unpaid search results.

Digital marketing also allows you to save money while still getting the visibility that your brand needs. Moreover, you gain more leads at a much lower cost than traditional marketing methods. You can find a lot of digital marketing support that fits your budget with ease.

Some highly cost-effective digital marketing strategies are:

  • Publishing Customer Reviews – Getting feedback from people who’ve tried your product and service is not just valuable for developing your merchandise. It’s also useful for enticing other prospects to give your brand a try.

Think of reviews as free word-of-mouth advertising that can be a testament to the quality of your goods.

  • Co-Promoting Other Brands and Influencers – It’s possible to get advertising from other non-competing companies through co-promotion. The process is basically partnering with them by, for example, creating content together and publishing it to both of your platforms.

This way, your brand gets introduced to their readers and vice versa.

  • Provide Content Upgrades – Content upgrades pertain to supplementary articles or media that offer additional value to your readers’ query. For instance, you can allow them to download a copy of a how-to article you wrote in PDF format, which they can save on their phones for future reference.

The best thing about this extra content is that you can gain more leads by having them fill out a form in order to access more information.

2. More Exposure

This strategy has provided leverage for small businesses to compete with large corporations in reaching their target audience, unlike traditional ads that cost thousands of dollars for a few seconds of air time.

As mentioned above, most consumers can be found online, so it makes perfect sense that you take advantage of digital marketing strategies that allow you to be more visible to your potential customers, such as boosting your website’s crawl efficiency.

3. Measurability

Another advantage of having a solid digital marketing strategy is that the factors are quantifiable. This means that you can look at the tactics objectively and continue using the ones that have a high return on investment (ROI).

You can measure the rates of how many people converted from visitors to paying customers and the number of those that abandoned your site without exploring more of it. Each of these data is valuable in forecasting, as well as developing your products and services.

4. Accurate Targeting

Traditional marketing methods typically focus on large-scale exposure in the hopes that a significant percentage of viewers or readers become paying customers. However, for digital marketing, you have the power to personalize each ad that you publish according to the preferences and needs of your target audience.

Tailoring your strategies for your prospects can provide you with a better turnout than merely shooting blindly. Moreover, it also helps boost your brand’s image.

5. Versatility

Digital marketing is also more flexible. You can make the necessary changes as you go along and not worry about financial repercussions because of its cost-effectiveness.

For instance, when publishing a blog post, you can edit inaccuracies and typographical errors even after the page is up. You can’t do that with flyers that have been printed and distributed already.


Digital marketing is a valuable tool for businesses nowadays. Most strategies are cost-effective while providing your brand with more exposure than traditional methods. Moreover, the factors involved in online advertising is measurable, which allows you to evaluate each tactic objectively.

Two other benefits that digital marketing offer is accurate targeting and versatility. This means that you can personalize each ad and publish it to platforms that your potential customers frequent.