5 Tips on Optimizing for Semantic Search

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Table of Contents1 Semantic Search2 1.)  Revise Your Keyword Research Strategies3 2.)  Create a Robust Content Outline4 3.)  Integrate Social Media5 4.)  Structure Your Data6 5.)  Continue What You’re Doing The Hummingbird update to the Google algorithm in the fall of last year was, and continues to be, a game changer for SEO. Unlike the […]

Ready, Set, Blog! Why Blogging Matters to SEO

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Table of Contents1 Brand Marketing2 Successful SEO2.1 A Blog is the Platform on Which You Build Your Brand2.2 Become a Voice People Will Listen To2.3 Content is the Basis for Web Marketing3 The Evolution of SEO: From Keywords to Content4 Was SEO Ever Dead? To blog, or not to blog? That is the question businesses […]

Content is Contagious: Is There a Secret to Viral Content?

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Table of Contents1 Content is King2 Viral Content Content is King This popular saying has always been understood to be one of the fundamental tenants of online marketing. For a variety of reasons, not the least of which is the necessity to strengthen your brand through reliable, trustworthy, and engaging content, a solid marketing strategy […]

7 Important SEO Conferences to Look for in 2014

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Table of Contents1 SMX Advanced2 SES Conference3 MozCon4 SearchLove5 Inbound6 Inbound Marketing Summit (IMS)7 PubCon Attending conferences is a vital component for professional development in any industry, particularly Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Marketing as a whole is continuing its transition to online and digital media, so the practice of optimizing a website’s content to rank […]

The Ten Best Practices of Social Media Professionals

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Table of Contents1 1. Being social is the primary goal2 2. A consistent voice makes all the difference3 3. Transparency is the word of the day4 4. Each outlet requires fresh thinking5 5. Brand boasting is a slippery slope6 6. Content is more important than keywords (and hashtags)7 7. Collaboration isn’t a dirty word8 8. […]

How Hummingbird Should and Shouldn’t Influence SEO

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Table of Contents1 How Will Hummingbird Affect SEO?2 What SHOULD Internet Marketers Change?2.1 Remove Unnecessary or Duplicate Backlinks2.2 Add in Hashtags Where Relevant2.3 Include Infographics or Related Pictures2.4 Encourage Organic Referrals2.5 Focus on Answering Common Questions2.6 Regularly Add Interesting Content2.7 Stop Keyword Stuffing As Google recently celebrated its 15th anniversary, the world-famous company also implemented […]