6 Tips To Gaining More Social Media Followers For Your Business

June 29, 2018

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How Do You Gain More Social Media Followers?

For businesses, having a strong online presence is already considered as a necessity. Everyone can be reached online, and if you don’t make use of this avenue to your advantage, your business will never thrive. In fact, your competitors might take your potential customers away from you.

This can result in a decrease in profit and eventually, can become the reason why your business will have to stop operating.

You can prevent all of these from happening by having social media followers for your business. The more followers you have, the easier it is for you to market your business and to create a positive brand image. These followers can have a huge impact on different aspects of your business.

Consider the tips below to gain more social media followers for your business:

1. Reach out to influencers:

Regardless of what your business is offering, there will always be other businesses who are considered as influencers in your niche. These businesses have gained their status because they might have been operating for decades, have been introducing best practices for the industry, or their business might have done something noteworthy for the community.

Look for these influencers online and make sure to follow them. If they post content which is suitable for your business, don’t be afraid to share, mention them or comment on it. If they see your attempts to engage online, it won’t be long before they will share your content to their followers, too.

2. Offer coupons to followers:

Everybody likes coupons. Everybody loves saving money and getting an item lesser than the original price. This is a strategy which you can do for your business especially if you have a physical store. Post an image on your social media profile detailing how your followers can earn discounts just by following your page.

Obviously, these followers need to show their online activities the moment they visit your store so they can be eligible for the discount. This is one of the easiest ways to gain more social media followers. If you want to take it up a notch, run the promotion for a limited time so your followers will be prompted to act right away.

3. Optimize your post timing:

Everything that you’ll post on your social media is useless if none of your target audience is online during that time. Timing is always vital in business especially when it comes to your posts. Assess who your target audience is and determine what time could they possibly be active online.

If your offerings are for young professionals, don’t post anywhere between 9AM – 5 PM during weekdays because they’re working.

It’s better if you post during evenings when they’re already on their way home or during weekends. You’ll have better chances of gaining followers if you’re keen as to when you’re actually posting.

4. Schedule Facebook Live:

The online community loves seeing people behind every business name. It gives the business a more personal touch and makes it easier for people to relate to them. These are just some benefits you can get from Facebook Live. This is an amazing content platform which maximizes your online reach because Facebook algorithm pushes Live videos on top of people’s newsfeed, making it accessible for many people to view it.

If you’re leaning towards this direction, make sure your videos are fun and engaging. If possible, schedule them ahead of time to entice more viewers.

5. Highlight reviews:

There are many websites which feature business information but social media, specifically Facebook, is a close second. If you want to gain more social media followers, show the online community how trustworthy your business is through reviews.

You can easily set-up your Facebook page to have this feature and once the online community sees these reviews, they’ll be convinced that your business is worth following. So the next time you have a transaction with a customer, ask them to leave a review on your page.

6. Stay active:

Most businesses understand how significant an online presence is that’s why they have profiles in almost all social media platforms. Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn – they have it. However, managing all of these accounts in the long run can become too overwhelming especially when businesses also have other responsibilities. This can result in unmanaged and unresponsive accounts.

If you want your social media attempts to be successful, stick to one or two platforms (depending on where your target audience can be found) and focus your efforts to stay active. Post content every now and then, reply to queries and highlight customers who used your products.

Remember, quality will always outweigh quantity.

Help Is Required

If you’ve been adept at social media and all its functions, you’ll be excited to try out these tips in your own business. You might have already done some of these in the past and just need a little tweak for improved results.

But for businesses who are still new to the social media world, adapting to these strategies might become a challenge. It might require their time and effort. If you think you’re one of the latter, don’t hesitate to ask for professional help.

There are companies out there like U-Thrive Marketing, which can assist you with your attempts to gain more social media followers.