12 Completely Appropriate Responses to Google in GIFS

August 18, 2014

Google is constantly changing; this summer alone, there have been several major updates. It’s all in a day’s work for SEOs, and Google does a pretty good job keeping us on our toes. Don’t get whiplash trying to keep up with all the algorithm updates: stay cool, roll with the punches, and when in doubt, react accordingly:

The morning when you notice a change in traffic that indicates an unnamed update and you think you’ve figured Google out. Figuring Google Out

When diving into your site’s traffic to investigate said unnamed update, and you see a significant jump in traffic…. Increase in Site Traffic

….or a significant drop. Decrease in Site Traffic

Trying to evaluate your keyword performance, but everything is (not provided). Keyword Not Provided

When Google rolls out another Panda update… Panda Updates

…or a Penguin update. Penguin Updates

The day Google announced Hummingbird Google Hummingbird

When Google limited the number of characters displayed in title tags… Title Tag Character Length

…and when they dropped Authorship photos.  Authorship Images Dropped

Last week, when Google announced the HTTPS/SSL update, using site encryption as a ranking signal. HTTPS:SSL

What Google’s really saying when they tell us our sites won’t be affected if we’re using white-hat SEO tactics. White Hat SEO Tactics