Facebook Updates 20% Image Ad Text Policy

June 15, 2016

We wanted to share an update with you regarding Facebook’s 20% text policy. As of this week, Facebook will allow ads that exceed 20% text overlay to run on the platform.

What It Is:

Ads that were previously not approved for promotion due to exceeding the 20% text policy will now run on the platform, but with less or no delivery. The delivery of ads will be based on the amount of text present on the image. If ads are at risk of lower delivery, advertisers will be clearly warned across ad interfaces. Warnings will be delivered based on the below criteria:

Facebook Text Policy

Why This Matters:

Continue to Abide by Best Practices

Ensure the continued creation of quality content that fits seamlessly in the native feed as the 20% text policy exists to safeguard the quality of the user experience.

Increased Transparency

Instead of simply rejecting creative, Facebook will provide more insight into the “why” by warning advertisers that the quality of their creative will effect reach.

Expect Higher Costs

Lower reach will result in higher costs on content that exceeds 20% text.