The Ten Best Practices of Social Media Professionals

Social Media Pro 1

Table of Contents1 1. Being social is the primary goal2 2. A consistent voice makes all the difference3 3. Transparency is the word of the day4 4. Each outlet requires fresh thinking5 5. Brand boasting is a slippery slope6 6. Content is more important than keywords (and hashtags)7 7. Collaboration isn’t a dirty word8 8. […]

How Hummingbird Should and Shouldn’t Influence SEO

Google Hummingbird 1

Table of Contents1 How Will Hummingbird Affect SEO?2 What SHOULD Internet Marketers Change?2.1 Remove Unnecessary or Duplicate Backlinks2.2 Add in Hashtags Where Relevant2.3 Include Infographics or Related Pictures2.4 Encourage Organic Referrals2.5 Focus on Answering Common Questions2.6 Regularly Add Interesting Content2.7 Stop Keyword Stuffing As Google recently celebrated its 15th anniversary, the world-famous company also implemented […]

Keeping up with Smarter Search Engines

Smarter Search Engines 1

Table of Contents1 Focus On Content1.1 Improving Inbound Strategies1.2 Packaging Your Content Properly2 Being Seamless2.1 Integrate with Relevant Subject Matter2.2 Location-Conscious Content and Continuation3 Leaving Options Open3.1 Adapting Your Advertising With fewer than 25 percent of your potential users ever scrolling past the first page of search results, you really need to make your site […]

New Internet Marketing Agency, Fuze SEO, Founded by Jon Clark

(PRWeb) New York, NY – Small and medium-sized businesses now have a new option to select from when it comes to online marketing solutions, thanks to Fuze SEO. Founded by Jon Clark, the company was created to make solutions that are simplified and more affordable. Using contractors that are seasoned in their field, Fuze SEO, […]

What Google’s 3 Big Changes Mean for the Future of SEO – And How to Adjust Your Internet Marketing Strategy

Table of Contents1 Hummingbird: Googling the Future2 Just What Is Semantic Search, Anyway?3 (Not Provided): Has Encrypted Search Killed the Keyword?3.1 “What is encrypted search,” you ask?4 Analytics and Technical SEO: Still Plugging Away5 Hashtags and Social Media6 Moving Beyond the Search Box7 Making Lemonade: Why It’s a Great Time to Be an Internet Marketer […]

Google Secure Search POV – Impact on SSL Searching

Table of Contents1 Google Secure Search Updates2 Overview:3 Impact:4 Solution and Implications:5 Conclusion: On Sept, 23rd Google announced an update that impacts visibility to keywords used by a visitor coming to your website via an organic search on This is an expansion of a previous Google update which was first announced in October of […]

10.7.13 – Jon Clark to Attend PubCon

Jon Clark, CEO of Fuze SEO, will be attending Pubcon October 21 – 24, 2013. Pubcon is the premier social media and optimization conference and expo and will be held at the Las Vegas Convention Center’s South Halls in the sunny entertainment capital of the world. If you will be in attendance or in the […]