Tips for Building a Better Story for Your Brand

Brand Building 1

Table of Contents1 Successful Brands Always Create & Share Stories2 Story Building Translates into Sales & Customer Retention3 Create & Refine Brand Stories for Optimum Results4 Share Success Stories with Consumers5 Build Interactive Brand Stories Consumer brand perception and building engaging brand stories are fundamental to consumer awareness. The stories that brands weave into the […]

Breaking News: Apple Introduces Paid Search in App Store

Apple App Store 1

Table of Contents1 What We Know So Far1.1 Keywords:1.2 Targeting:1.3 Bidding:1.4 Cost Per Tap:1.5 Ad Units:1.6 Measurement:2 What You Can Do Now? Apple announced a new Paid Search product for their Apple App Store that will provide an important opportunity for all marketers and developers to improve discovery of their apps in an increasingly crowded marketplace. […]

Facebook Updates 20% Image Ad Text Policy

Table of Contents1 What It Is:2 Why This Matters:2.1 Continue to Abide by Best Practices2.2 Increased Transparency2.3 Expect Higher Costs We wanted to share an update with you regarding Facebook’s 20% text policy. As of this week, Facebook will allow ads that exceed 20% text overlay to run on the platform. What It Is: Ads […]

Changes to the App Rating on App Cards for Twitter

App Rating Card Twitter

Table of Contents1 Why is Twitter doing this?2 When is this happening?3 Will this change be true across all of our app cards and placements?4 What happens in cases where there is no app category available? The Twitter team just let us know that starting this month, App Cards will only display the app’s average […]

European Commission Prepares Formal Antitrust Charges Against Google

Google Antitrust Investigation 1

Table of Contents1 Google Vs. the European Commission2 Cold Case? New Leadership Suggests New Consequences for Google The European Commission appears to be preparing to file formal antitrust charges against Google, according to the Wall Street Journal. As the European Union’s top antitrust authority, the Commission wields tremendous power in implementing and enforcing legislation that […]

Mobile Search to Become a Ranking Factor in Google’s Algorithm

Mobile Search Becomes A Ranking Factor For Google Algorithm 1

Table of Contents1 Have We Entered the Year of Mobile?2 Mobile Tips for the Current Search Landscape Google just announced two major updates to the search algorithm that will mean better rankings for mobile-friendly sites. Beginning on April 21, 2015, Google will start to include mobile-friendly factors in its rankings, allowing sites that are optimized […]