3 “Youtube SEO” Basics That Every Marketer Needs To Know

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Table of Contents1 1.  Keywords Matter, Bigtime2 2.  Get Strategic With your Titles and Descriptions3 3.  Use Tags That Are Already Working for the Competition4 The Bottom Line? When marketers talk about “Search Engine Optimization” (SEO), usually we’re referring to the basic web-based search engines that everyone is familiar with.  SEO experts need to know […]

Out of Blog Post Ideas? Try These 4 Unusual Hacks

Out Of Blog Post Ideas 1

Table of Contents1 1. Check out what comes up on BuzzSumo.2 2. Use a longtail keyword tool like UberSuggest.3 3. Use “Answer the Public.”4 4. Check Reddit and Quora to see what kind of questions people are asking.5 Ideas are out there. All you have to do is find them. It’s no secret that great […]

How To Be A Better Digital Marketer Using Heatmaps

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Table of Contents1 What Is A Heatmap?2 Types Of Heatmaps2.1 Eye-Tracking Heatmap2.2 Mouse-Movement Heatmap (Also Known As Hover Map)2.3 Clickmap2.4 Scroll Map3 Way Forward As a digital marketer, the most valuable information on your website would be to know what areas your clients click on the most, and why. To know this, you would opt […]

Debunking Some Common Internet Marketing ‘Rules’

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Table of Contents1 “You must understand search engine algorithms”2 “Focus on search engine rankings”3 “Check analytics data daily”4 “Successful organic search ranking is sufficient”5 “When it comes to social media, focus on Facebook and Twitter”6 Conclusion Do a web search for ‘best practice internet marketing’ or something similar and you will be inundated with thousands […]

How to Write Effective Marketing Blog Posts

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Table of Contents1 Why blogging?2 The difference between effective and fluffy content3 Writing effective content4 Promoting your post There are hundreds, if not thousands, of marketing blogs on the internet. So, how do you make yours one of the best? Creating quality content for a marketing blog might feel daunting at first, but once you […]

3 Things that will Boost Your Social Media Engagement

Social Media Engagement

Table of Contents1 Focus On Social Monitoring2 Keep Tabs on Your Social Inboxes3 Be Visual Today, there are 2.2 billion social media users worldwide. With technologies continually on the rise to make social media available and more accessible to everyone, this number of social media users is expected to expand by leaps and bounds each […]