European Commission Prepares Formal Antitrust Charges Against Google

Google Antitrust Investigation 1

Table of Contents1 Google Vs. the European Commission2 Cold Case? New Leadership Suggests New Consequences for Google The European Commission appears to be preparing to file formal antitrust charges against Google, according to the Wall Street Journal. As the European Union’s top antitrust authority, the Commission wields tremendous power in implementing and enforcing legislation that […]

Mobile Search to Become a Ranking Factor in Google’s Algorithm

Mobile Search Becomes A Ranking Factor For Google Algorithm 1

Table of Contents1 Have We Entered the Year of Mobile?2 Mobile Tips for the Current Search Landscape Google just announced two major updates to the search algorithm that will mean better rankings for mobile-friendly sites. Beginning on April 21, 2015, Google will start to include mobile-friendly factors in its rankings, allowing sites that are optimized […]

Looking Ahead: Pigeon and Local SEO in 2015

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Table of Contents1 2014 Trends in Local Search Rankings2 Seeing the Big Picture with Local Search Perhaps the single most critical update for local search in 2014 was Google’s announcement of the Pigeon algorithm, which had major implications for small businesses and local SEOs. Pigeon significantly changed the way local businesses are ranked by integrating […]

Looking Ahead: 10 SEO Trends to Look Out for in 2015

Seo 2015 Trends

Table of Contents1 1. Mobile optimization is key to success2 2. Search will continue being fragmented across different channels3 3. User intent and long-tail search traffic should focus your keyword strategy4 4. Build relationships in your community and space5 5. Earn, don’t build, links6 6. The rise of brand mentions7 7. Social integration8 8. Content […]

European Parliament Votes to Break Up Google Businesses

Jaoquin Almunia

Table of Contents1 The Case Against Google2 Free Search, Free Speech?3 Google Responds In a brazen move, the European Parliament passed a vote on November 27th to break up Google’s search and advertising businesses. The vote comes after a more than four-year long antitrust investigation launched by the European Commission in response to allegations that […]

16 Things SEOs are Tired of Hearing


We get it: not everybody gets SEO. The industry has been thriving for a long time now, but it is still a considerably small branch of an overall digital marketing strategy, and those outside the industry are less likely to know the ins-and-outs. Clients, and even people on other marketing teams, may understandably need some […]