6 Proven Ways To Win At Technical SEO

Seo Tactics Still Work

Table of Contents1 1. Get A Sitemap Installed1.1 How To Submit A Sitemap2 2. Implement A Proper Linking Structure2.1 Internal Link Siloing3 3. Use Your Tags4 4. Permalinks5 5. Look At How The Spiders Crawl Your Site5.1 Server Errors5.2 404 Errors5.3 Robots.txt6 6. Get Your Site Secure7 7. Install Only The Necessary And Trusted Plugins7.1 […]

4 Tactics You Can Use To Optimize Your Site For Voice Search

Voice Search Optimization

Table of Contents1 1. Don’t Neglect Local SEO2 2. Write For Humans2.1 2.5. More On That3 3. Improve On Your Mobile Friendliness Score3.1 3.5 More On Mobile4 4. Have an FAQ Section On Your Most Visited Posts 20% of mobile queries are voice searches and this is coming directly from Google. But not all webmasters […]

6 Tips To Gaining More Social Media Followers For Your Business

Facebook Live

Table of Contents1 How Do You Gain More Social Media Followers?2 1. Reach out to influencers:3 2. Offer coupons to followers:4 3. Optimize your post timing:5 4. Schedule Facebook Live:6 5. Highlight reviews:7 6. Stay active:8 Help Is Required How Do You Gain More Social Media Followers? For businesses, having a strong online presence is […]

SEO Strategist (Full-Time) – New York

Table of Contents1 Summary2 SEO Strategist Job Description3 Education4 Experience5 Responsibilities6 Technical7 Link Building8 Requirements9 Benefits Summary Join a young digital agency to help serve the SEO marketing needs of an existing roster of clients. This person should have a proven track record of building and maintaining successful SEO programs and client relationships with day-to-day […]

Perfecting Your Processes: 5 Steps to Improving Business Productivity

Business Process

Table of Contents1 1. Streamline Research2 2. Recognize and Reward Your Staff3 3. Invest in Management Training4 4. Embrace Automation Systems5 5. Encourage Employees to Take a Break Office efficiency is crucial for faster processes, improved customer satisfaction, and excellent employee morale. Unfortunately, many companies are wasting both time and money with manual tasks and […]

7 Tips For Writing Irresistible Calls To Action (CTA)

Calls to Action

Table of Contents1 1. Know What Your Audience Wants2 2. Use Power Words3 3. Use Clear Writing4 4. Make The Action Easy5 5. Give People Something To Lose6 6. Work On The Design Around The Call To Action7 7. Promise You’re Waiting For Them A call to action is a sentence that instructs a reader […]

17 Ways To Increase Traffic To Your Site (With 1 Killer Optimization Tip For Every Strategy)

Increase Website Traffic

Table of Contents1 1. Promote Existing Content2 2. Blog Commenting3 3. Quora4 4. Case Studies5 5. Infographics6 6. Broken Link-Building7 7. Lead Magnets8 8. Press Release9 9. Affiliate or Referral Program10 10. Interviews11 11. Webinars12 12. Industry Conferences13 13. Blog14 14. Guest Blogging15 15. Search Engine Optimization16 16. Medium17 17. Paid Ads Marketing your business […]